Voinești Hill

Voinești Hill

The place interested us, in the first place, because a strange shape occurred, possibly a Roman camp (of an irregular type, not so unusual on the mountains). We visited it several times during 2019-2020, and it turns into to a battlefield from WW1, part of a great stage, having 3 km towards north. Repeatedly tested with metal detectors, even by a test-digging, it proved to be the most dramatic battlefield seen so far, absolutely infested with war debris (like 10 items on every square meter). Blue lines within the illustrations are German positions. The place is only 2 km apart from the northern fringes of Câmpulung city.

 Author: E. S. Teodor

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19 February 2021


Argeș, Rucăr-Bran, WW1, New site