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Posada - battlefield of the WW1 by E. Teodor

Site name Posada - battlefield of the WW1
CorridorRucăr-Bran corridor
ThemesFirst World War
StatusKnown but redocumented
Geophysicsarea in ha/method/results
Soil samplesNo
CommentaryPosada Pass was fortified in 1915, one year before Romania joined Entente in the First World War, as the main defensive position along Rucăr-Bran corridor. Most of those positions are now under the village Podu Dâmboviţei. Nevertheless, the area between the pass and Dâmboviţa Gorge (22 ha), is still outside the real estate development and should be protected. The area is organized in three lines and is supported by 4 light cannons. A 450 m trou-de-loup (7 m wide) is making the front line, and it is followed by two complete trenches, closing the gap between the pass and the gorge, summing 1882 fire-line trenches and other connection trenches. This well preserved battlefield is very characteristic for the age.
Note that under the name 'Posada' there are several battles recorded for the Middle Ages and these 22 hectares could preserve also older remnants of the military history.
Area field surveyed22 ha
TeamTeodor, Bolba
AuthorE. Teodor
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